Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Misty Morning

Sunday, November 23, and the early morning mist is beginning to clear across the fields. Actually, I'm fibbing somewhat. It's not 'early'! I don't do early very often these days. I took the photo above at 11.30. How lovely to see the sun appear after that.

The garden pretty much gets left to itself at this time of year. But I was out with the loppers this morning, cutting a few shrubs back. Some major pruning, or replacement, will be required in places, I'm thinking. Ten years have passed so quickly.

This deciduous cotoneaster has good colour.

A few tubs with some winter colour have been planted up to give me a lift on the cold, grey days that are still to come. And a lot of new bulbs have been planted too.

It has been a very mild autumn ... so far.

So mild that this fuchsia is still flowering away in its pot outside! It is called 'Blue Heaven', and the label describes it as 'Suitable for patio tubs and other containers, this semi trailing variety displays a profusion of red and purple flowers in summer and early autumn'.

The standing stone opposite Skip has seen a lot of winters!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - lovely to see that Annandale mist - I remember times when it lasted all through to the evening and the light was such that you ended up convinced it was early morning all day.