Sunday, March 01, 2015

Garden visitors

It's just part of life at Skip, feeding the visitors that come to the garden. It does give me a lot of pleasure. I have a number of feeders of different types, mostly positioned where I can watch the goings-on from the windows.

Who would have thought that niger seed would be so popular!

I know most of my visitors, but this had me looking up my reference book. A common redpoll, welcome to Wamphray. 

One morning recently when I opened the curtains it seemed that the field outside seemed to be moving! A large flock of wood pidgeons was visiting. The photo above shows only a fraction of the total.

A shake of the curtains and they were away! The book says that the 'clattering wing noise on takeoff' serves as alarm call'.


Some visitors are not so welcome. Pics of spring flowers may be delayed somewhat this spring!

I managed to catch my first rainbow of the year the other evening!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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