Friday, April 10, 2015

New Life in April

Lambs doing what lambs do in the first week of April in Wamphray!

No sign of life yet on my favourite beech tree.

I wanted to call this blue tit 'Scruffy'! I thought at first it was a baby, but it's too early.

Spring is here when the flowering currant is covered in pink.

These crocus bulbs, planted last November, have done well. The tulips ... not so successful! There should be lots more.

These have been in the garden for longer than I've been here at Skip.

Chionodoxa in a bowl, celebrating the April sun. It is a pretty thing!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bon - lovely colour in your garden . . but that picture of your tree - that is Dundoran and Turf Hill beyond isn't it?
    The forestry planting on Dundoran that grew in the 1970's (now long gone) had a huge map of Australia planted into it in different trees (a sort of brown colour as opposed to the solid green of the pine). I'd heard it was done by some visiting Australian foresters when it was originally planted . . .