Monday, December 07, 2015

After the storm

The quiet after the storm gave me the opportunity yesterday to capture some reflections on the flooded fields around Wamphray.

But however beautiful my local pics may look, I do feel awful about the scenes of the flooding in Carlisle, a city I've got to know well since moving to Annandale. Just horrible.

Not a breath of wind.

Many homes in Wamphray were badly flooded some years ago, and initially I thought that we had come off lightly this time. But the water in this field has caused problems to houses in Station Road, getting in under the floorboards.

Efforts to get the water away continue.

Gerry, with Bonnie and Tara, and Diane with Shelly, company on yesterday's walk.

The River Annan is behind the trees.

Beside the river, this fence had acted like a big sieve!

The local wildlife were quick to take advantage of a new lake. 

I had this feeling I was being watched!

The back road under the West Coast Main Line regularly floods here. 'Passable with care' was the advice on Sunday.

Let's hope we will not have more rain before this lot drains away.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - that's a lot of water! Hope it drains away quickly too. You know Wamphray looks a bit like it was built on a flood-plain when you get higher up over on the other bank. You get a very good view from the field just above that almost 90 degree bend in the stretch before the railway bridge. The thing that strikes you is just how flat some of it is - it looks rather like an alluvial plain with a few hillocks and lumps here and there.