Sunday, December 06, 2015


The Wamphray Water in spate yesterday at the foot of Wamphray Glen.

 This is the Wamphray Water rushing down towards the River Annan.

Where the Wamphray Water goes under the West Coast Main Line has been a problem in the past. Network Rail have had contractors working here for much of this year, building what might be called an 'overflow culvert'. The work is not yet complete, but the overflow was taking its share of water yesterday. And engineers were working through the heaviest of rain.

The Wamphray joins the Annan which was well over its banks at the Jocksthorn Bridge. All my fault of course. Did I not say how low the river was just recently, see here.

The field below Skip, aka 'Wamphray Lake'.

Skip Cottage itself is at the top of the bank on the left of the photo. Apparently, back before the railway was constructed, the Annan used to flow in a curve below this bank.

Is it only me, that all the mentions of 'Storm Desmond' bring to mind Dean Ford, and the Marmalade, back in the 60s? Or even the Beatles? If you don't know what I'm talking about, see here! Apologies in advance if this provides today's earworm.

Joking apart though, Wamphray seems to have got off lightly from Storm Desmond, compared with elsewhere in southern Scotland, and in Cumbria. The news and photos from Carlisle and Keswick this morning are horrendous.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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