Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Enough is enough

Frankly, I don't believe it is a good idea to give these winter storms names. Indeed, I know a 'Frank' and he's a really nice guy. But today's 'Storm Frank' has been particularly mean.

This is the view from the bottom of my garden today, at 3pm. Fortunately Skip stands on top of a wee knoll, so far enough away from the River Annan to say that "If I get flooded by the river, then we are ALL doomed!"

A suitable venue for the Wamphray Model Yacht Club, or, today perhaps, for windsurfing?

Such as been the frequency of floods recently, today I tried to get a different viewpoint for some pics. Here, I've climbed up to the top of the field that rises between the main street of Newton Wamphray village and protects it from the River Annan. Would you believe that the wind was so strong I had difficulty in keeping upright! The village is on the left, and Skip is the white dot in the distance just right of the middle.

Looking in the same direction, that's the Jocksthorn Bridge in the distance.

The river is between the rows of trees.

This is where the Wamphray Water joins the Annan. Not that you would know!

The road towards the Jocksthorn Bridge was impassable. Not the only road in the area to be affected, as I listen to the news on the radio.

Did I mention the wind? The end for this wooden arch in the garden, I'm afraid. Mind you, I never liked it much, and struggled to find something I liked to grow over it. Firewood for next winter. Although if this wind continues, I suspect I won't have to go far to find branches down elsewhere. Hopefully there won't be other damage to find once 'Frank' takes his leave.

Happy New Year everyone. Can I wish for a drier one?

Pix are © Skip Cottage. If anyone is wondering, they were taken with an old Canon Powershot camera, abandoned a couple of years ago because its zoom was knackered, but resurrected this week.

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  1. Hi Bob - there wasn't much reporting of the Annan up here, but that to me looks just about the worst I have ever seen it.
    As you know, I know that riverbank well and that is an incredible amount of water.
    As you say, if you get flooded you're all doomed - thankfully you weren't.
    I hope this year will be a much drier one for you and all Wamphray residents.
    Take care