Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone

It was somewhat ironic that just after taking this photo of a sunset at Skip the other evening, my trusty camera packed up! A trip to the surgery in Glasgow yesterday saw the worst possible diagnosis. It could be repaired ... but it would be very expensive.

It was all the consequence of me knocking the camera off my desk some months back. I thought then that I had got away with it. But apparently not. Ah well. My New Year's resolution will be to be less clumsy in 2016!

An option of course is to replace the body with a newer model. I still have my lenses. Or perhaps I should go for a cheaper 'pocket' model. Decisions, decisions.

Perhaps too I might win the lottery! In the meantime, for this blog, I could dig out and scan some photos from past adventures. Here's a favourite spot in Thailand, from around 1993.

And just round the corner was a deserted beach with driftwood and bits of coconut shell. No, I'm not going to say where it was!

Or, until I can take photos again, I could 'borrow' photos from other sites, such as this which was the 'Photo of the Day' recently on the Geograph site here. It was taken in 2010 and is © Lewis Clarke and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

It's suitably festive, a good shot to finish on, and for me to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

Other pix © Skip Cottage 

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  1. Hi Bob - Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016 to you!

    Sorry to hear about your camera - you don't say what the model was, however if you still have lenses, I'll take it is a DSLR?
    I would say make use of your lenses - camera bodies are virtually disposable these days, but lenses (and especially good ones) always retain their value - you can also buy from a wealth of adapters to have your chosen mount fitted on your new camera (though you do lose some automation - it's a big subject!).
    You'll also find some great deals on a compact camera out there - with the rise of the phone, sales on 'consumer' cameras is dropping.

    Have you thought about going secondhand?
    I have no link to them, but WEX will usually give you a year's warranty on used bodies - they also helpfully tell you how often the shutter has been actuated and their grading descriptions are pretty much spot-on.
    You'll often find last year's model for a realtively reasonable price.
    I've no connection with thme, just a satisisfied customer.

    Good luck!