Friday, January 08, 2016

The strange yellow thing in the sky

Late in the afternoon January 6, the sun appeared at Skip, albeit only for a few minutes. But what a welcome sight, and what a difference it makes! This view looking south.

Turning the camera around to look east, there was this fabulous rainbow! First of the year. And the first photos with my new tough, waterproof, little Rollei Sportsline 80, purchased to see me through as I save up to replace my DSLR!

The day after the rainbow. Winter has finally arrived!

Not a big accumulation, but I do like the snow - at least it's better than the constant rain.

But here's hoping to see the sun a bit more in 2016.

Photos © Skip Cottage

1 comment:

  1. Lucky you Bob - here in Dundee it started raining last Saturday (albeit not as heavy as Angus has had) and only stopped last night - nearly a week of unrelenting gloom.
    Good luck with the saving!