Sunday, February 28, 2016

February 2016

February has passed by quickly this year. I must admit that I prefer the cold, frosty weather to the monsoon conditions we've seen so often this winter.

It was a bit grey in the morning when I took this pic, but it turned into a lovely day later - and I had my first afternoon outside, starting the garden cleanup in anticipation of a good year outside.

You need to take my word for it, but there's lots of snowdrops!

The first daffodil made an appearance.

The evergreen shrubbery catching the sun.

After two years, the garden and kitchen waste has composted beautifully.

Most of my walls have stood up OK, but there's a little work to be done on this one.

The problems that the severe weather caused at the Lamington viaduct has meant that, for a couple of months, I could not train up to Glasgow or Edinburgh. But First TransPennine's service to Manchester Airport used Lockerbie station as the terminus, with a train every two hours. So I was able to get easily into the centre of Carlisle.

Rust on the rails - this is the passing loop at Lockerbie. With no freight trains, this wasn't being used. I was glad to read that the repairs at Lamington have been completed ahead of time, and it is great to see trains running north again.

This is one of my fabourite haunts. Bookcase is an independent second-hand bookshop in Carlisle. It is huge! A wonderful place for passing away the hours, and adding to my library! See the website here.

And it's just got better! There's now a splendid cafe.

Photos © Skip Cottage.

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  1. I think you've got a week or two on us Bob - we've got snowdrops, but the daffs are still not there . . .