Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Taking the Long Way

I ventured up to Aberdeen last weekend, and I got an early start home on Monday to avoid the rush hour traffic. In my hillwalking days I spent some happy times in the Angus glens, and so, as the sun came up near Brechin, I turned of the main road, drove through Edzell, and headed up Glen Esk. Lovely country. As you can see from the above, the weather was changeable. Indeed I had to prop myself against a tree to take this shot, such was the blustery wind.

Tarfside was my destination with its two old churches. This is the Maule Memorial Church which dates from 1857, see here.

This is the Water of Tarf which feeds into the North Esk just south of Tarfside.

I had hoped to find the outdoor curling pond near Tarfside, and, thanks to a local farmer, I did. The Glenesk curlers have played at this spot for more than a hundred and twenty years. The rink was renovated recently and the lighting installed. The wooden bridge and gate spans a little burn that runs past the rink, and supplies the water. There's certainly been a lot of that recently, but not much ice. There's been no play on the pond this winter. But you can see it in use here.

So, having made a bit of a detour, I headed home to Skip just ahead of the worst of Storm Henry.

Photos © Skip Cottage. 'Taking the Long Way' was released in 2006, as all Dixie Chicks fans will know!

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  1. An interesting detour Bob - I've only ever driven past Tarfside . . . on the way to Loch Lee - there's a lovely walk along the loch and then up the Falls Of Damff and then down the Shank of Inchgrundle - recommended if you're in the area again (unless you've already done it). The view of the lochan Carlochy from the edge of Cairn Lick is both terrifying and wonderful!