Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Spring is here!

It's the last day of April, and this brave little daffodil is braving the hail! Was spring ever going to arrive?

Then, in just three days at the beginning of May, the bare branches of the beech trees on the road to Skip became covered in green!

In the garden, the wild cherry blossom came out.

And the new growth on this Sambucus racemosa Sutherland Gold was wonderful to see!

I don't have many alpine plants in the garden. I picked up three 'interesting' containers at a car boot sale last year. This is one.

Rhododendron 'Elizabeth' is first to flower this year. It's thirteen years since it was planted. It took a bit of a knock this winter when some invading sheep had a good nibble on it, but it's done well.

So much work to do yet in the garden. This is the busiest month. But no flowers from seed this year. Potatoes are in, and growing away. I expect I'll get some salad greens underway this week too.

I encountered this wildflower on a walk. I haven't yet identified it though. Now, where's my book?

This sparrowhawk has cottoned on to the fact that I feed the birds all year, and it has been visiting regularly, and keeping all the little birds on their toes. The photo is taken through two layers of glass, so I was quite pleased to get the shot, although it would have been nice if he (she?) had turned round to look at me!

Photos © Skip Cottage

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