Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Classics at Moffat

Last weekend saw the staging of the 19th Moffat Classic Car Rally. On the Saturday, some of the cars take part in what is described as a 'scenic fun run', up the A708 to St Mary's Loch then over by Talla to Tweedsmuir and back to Moffat via the Devil's Beef Tub. It's a great test for these classics.

I always try and support the event when I can. So I was at the start on Saturday, to see the participants setting off from Moffat's High Street.

There's a big nostalgia element for me too. I always look out for cars similar to those I've owned in the past. This Sunbeam Talbot Mark 3 was my wheels in my final year as a university undergraduate in 1968-69. Happy memories!

More recently, in the 1990s, I had a Reliant Scimitar for a while. So whenever I see one, memories of my time with that car jump back to mind.

As a student, I worked one summer as a sales representative. The 'firm's car' was this Vauxhall 101 Estate. I did lots of miles in it, and had lots of experiences.
I would have loved to have owned one of these.

Just one of the many photo opportunities last Saturday!

On the Sunday, all the cars assemble at the Moffat Show Ground. With more than 500 cars on display, plus car clubs and trade stands, there's lots to see. On Sunday morning the weather was fine and it was wonderful to see so many enthusiasts with so much passion for their old cars!

Needing wheels in a hurry when I came back from the USA in 1974, I bought a second hand Triumph 1300. It turned out to be something of a dud, and certainly made me very wary of buying used in the years that followed. This one on display last Sunday looked to be in wonderful condition, but the model itself has nothing but painful memories for me!

A colourful lineup of Stags!

I look in vain every year at Moffat for the first 'old banger' I ever owned - a Triumph Mayflower. Fond, fond memories. I expect I'll have to travel to classic car shows further afield to find one. Those remaining are much loved, see here.

Pix © Skip Cottage

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