Friday, June 24, 2016

The Garden in June

The new Clematis montana 'Alba' only went in last year, but it is showing promise already.

There was only the one bloom on this new Rhododendron, planted in 2015, but I think I made a good choice. Hopefully it will grow on well. In general though it wasn't a good year for the rhoddies this year at Skip.

These Himalayan poppies seem to like the conditions!

I left it late in planting up the containers this year, but these two are coming away nicely now.

I've made another attempt at a Dahlia bed this year (in the background of this pic), for colour later in the year. I have all sorts of other things in containers, especially hostas.

I tried to get rid of these poppies early in the year, but, as you can see, I wasn't really successful!

These day lillies were originally grown from seed and do add a splash of colour.

Geranium Johnson's Blue is always reliable.

I encountered Strawflowers for the first time last year in a friend's garden, and was fascinated by them. I failed to get seeds in time, but found a couple of plants when browsing the Rouken Glen garden centre in early June. Xerochrysum bracteatum is native to Australia.

This red squirrel has been a regular, welcome visitor to the garden, first thing of a morning for a nibble at the peanut feeder.

I should probably give him a name! I hope he stays around.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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