Saturday, July 09, 2016

A Tram Day

I was looking forward to a ride on Bolton 66 at Blackpool. The tram dates from 1901, and you can read about it here and here.

Unfortunately, by the time I reached Blackpool, it had developed a fault, and was despatched back to the depot.

However, next heritage tram to arrive was Boat 227, and I enjoyed several trips thereon! Great fun.

I armed myself with this ticket, which cost a tenner. But I was back and forward on a number of trips along the Golden Mile on heritage trams, then along the whole length of the tramway from Starr Gate to Fleetwood Ferry. Good value for the enthusiast! And lots of blue sky to enjoy. Wonderful.

Read all about the Blackpool Tramway here.

Tim, our driver on no 227, checks behind. Those operating the heritage services are volunteers, and Tim, with conductor Bradley on the boat tram, along with the other volunteers I met yesterday, could not have been more friendly and helpful. Full marks to them.

Boat 227 waits at North Pier as one of the new Flexity 2 trams heads past towards Fleetwood. I visited three years ago to check out the new trams, see here, and six years ago I experienced some of the older ones, here.

Many of these now comprise Blackpool's 'Heritage Fleet'. Last year the heritage trams operated on special days. In 2016, as well as the 'enhanced running' weekends with six different trams to ride on, most weekdays see two of the heritage fleet operating. Most trips are between Pleasure Beach and North Pier, with the occasional run further to Cabin.

Our conductor Bradley turning the trolley pole.

Heading off back towards Pleasure Beach.

'Balloon' car No 717 was brought out to replace no 66 yesterday. Here it is beside the Pleasure Beach. It dates from 1934, see here.

On the top deck. The car is in lovely condition.

Always up for a bit of culture, I found myself investigating the strange noises coming from one of the many modern art installations along Blackpool's promenade. This is the High Tide Organ designed by the Liam Curtin and John Gooding. Read about it here.

Photos © Skip Cottage

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