Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Nutkin and Twinkleberry

Rosa 'American Pillar' was an addition to the garden a couple of years back, and is rambling away!

If I have a favourite annual, it has to be the snapdragon!

In the twelve years I've been at Skip, the garden has grown somewhat. Some would say that it has become rather 'overgrown'. But that seems to have brought an advantage this year.

This is the first red squirrel I saw in the garden back in May.

The house has become the 'hide' this past couple of months and the new camera given a good workout.

In homage to Beatrix Potter, I had to name it 'Nutkin'.

When I encountered Nutkin outside, he (she?) didn't seem too frightened of me.

Nutkin showing off!

And taking the applause!

It soom became apparent that Nutkin had a friend. I had two red squirrels visiting the garden! Privileged, indeed. You can tell them apart by the colour of their tails.

So this is Twinkleberry admiring the perennials.

I don't have the patience to be a wildlife photographer, but Twinkleberry does like to investigate the peanut feeder, and lets me take photos like this one.

When I first came to Wamphray there were red squirrels in the plantation near the old school, but they haven't been there for a while. I hope that my seeing them in my garden means that they are re-establishing themselves in the area.

Pix © Skip Cottage


  1. Great photos! Are you taking these outside or from behind glass? We have a couple of bird feeders in the back garden and I have found that the only way to photograph them (admittedly with not as good a lens as you are using) is by setting the camera up in advance on the tripod and taking the pictures from the kitchen. None of them particularly good, I am afraid.
    These, on the other hand are great pictures - crystal clear.

  2. Great job, Bob! Lovely pics. Not easy. I tried up at Loch of the Lowes the other week but no monopod and shaky hands don't lead to acceptable pics!
    Your garden looks wonderful.

  3. Thanks to you both. To answer Robin's question, yes, all the close-up shots are through the double glazing of my bedroom window, or the conservatory. I've used shutter priority on all those here - 1/200 or 1/320 with an ISO of 800 or 1600, depending on the weather, and those settings gives just enough depth of field. At first though, I just grabbed the camera and clicked as I was so excited to see them. But they returned so often, my efforts got better as I was more prepared. The lens was a Canon 75-300mm. Not an expensive lens, as it's not a fast lens - I did not find it very good when trying to take rink pics for the curling magazine and blog, so haven't used it much until recently. I like the camera too - a Canon 750D. It was worth the pennies - I must really ensure I don't drop it like the last! Red squirrels are the best though, aren't they! Bob

  4. Aye - they are. Not here yet, though, I am afraid. I have the Canon 75-300 lens and that was the one I was using. I didn't really give it much of a go if I am honest and the wee flighty birds I was photographing live in a different time zone from us lumbering humans!

  5. I hope they are re-establishing Bob - we used to see them along the Brae from the old A74 up towards Lochwood, and also along the road from Lochwood Toll towards St Anns (my Aunt lived at Rose Cottage along there) but that was a long long time ago.

    And yes I'll second those comments - they're really very good photographs of a difficult subject - all power to your elbow . . er . . shutter finger!