Monday, August 08, 2016

August in Wamphray

Skip from the south, on an August Monday.

They pass overhead usually much quicker that I can get the camera pointed at the sky. But I caught it this time!

It is from this angle that you can see how much the cottage is dominated by the old beech trees.

I don't usually look into the garden from outside. The pink astilbe has always been in the garden, and crocosmia 'Lucifer' adds some vibrant colour at this time of year.

The bed of dahlias is colouring up well.

It was a nice afternoon for a walk. This is Saughtrees farmhouse, and what I think of as the 'Wamphray Notch', a firebreak in the plantation on Braize Hill.

Peaceful Annandale scenes on an August afternoon ...

... and again.

My favourite tree, in mid-summer garb.

Sharing my walk, these youngsters have a bit of growing to do before October!

Photos © Skip Cottage 

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  1. Ah, Annandale in the Summer . . . am I jealous . . no of course not . . well actually . . . .