Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn 2016

Something tells me that autumn is here!

There's good colour on the beech trees this year. The big storms are yet to arrive, so the leaves are staying on the branches, for the moment at least!

Looking east towards the West Coast Main Line. Skip has yet to see the first frost of the autumn but it must be imminent.

Parts of the garden still look colourful. My bed of dahlias has done OK this year.

I just love the vibrant red of this one.

New this year. I love the colour.

This Michaelmas Daisy was a random purchase at the garden centre a couple of months ago, and is absolutely delightful!

Containers have done well this year. I cut back this tub of snapdragons last month ready for the compost heap, but they've had another growth spurt in recent weeks, and seem to be determined to flower into November!

I've planted up some containers with bulbs for spring. But this polyanthus, a leftover from last year, has decided to give me an autumn smile!

Cotoneasters are just so easy to grow, and this C. horizontalis, with its red berries against the white wall, stands out this year. Grown from a cutting too.

My New Year's resolution might be to do more with the garden next year. In June this year, the weather wasn't the best, so it got a bit neglected early on, and I never really got on top of it later. Roll on 2017! I wonder what sort of winter it's going to be?

Pix © Skip Cottage

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