Tuesday, November 08, 2016

First frosts

The autumn colours have been spectacular this year. These trees were near Saughtrees.

Interested locals on my walk.

Competition time. Spot the odd one out!

Back at Skip, my maple has been stunning this year.

Makes for colourful leaf litter!

The first frosts have taken out the dahlias and the begonias, but this splash of colour seems to be defying the onset of winter. A little strawflower has been my garden find of the year. I've mentioned it before back in June, see here, and it has delighted me all summer and autumn.

I planted up a couple of containers to overwinter, and I thought I was all finished. But the various bulb offers at the garden centre were just too tempting, so it was more compost to be purchased, and more containers looked out. November and December are not my favourite months, but usually by January, there are signs of new growth to herald in 2017. And before we know it will be daffodil time again!

Pix © Skip Cottage

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  1. Hi Bob - nice to see Annandale bedding down for the year - here's hoping for a benevolent Winter!