Friday, February 10, 2017

Signs of spring

As February 2017 marches on, I'm hoping I don't have many more mornings like this to wake up to!

It is encouraging to see the snowdrops appear, no matter how cold it is.

The occasional day has been quite spectacular. Here - as most followers of the blog will know - is my favourite tree on the back road near Saughtrees!

The bird feeders are busy, whatever the weather. A challenge is always to get a picture of my great spotted woodpeckers. That's the male on the peanut feeder.

If I have a favourite it is the blue tit. Lots of them frequent Skip, and nest in the garden.

This great tit is trying to tell me something! I've got some unusual visitors.

A group of long-tailed tits made a visit one day, attacted only to the suet balls.

I've not noticed long-tailed tits in the garden before, although they are apparently not uncommon hereabouts. Smashing little birds! I hope they will now be regular visitors to add to my own 'Birdwatch' list of Skip visitors at various times of the year: blue tit, great tit, coal tit, robin, chaffinch, wren, sparrow, brambling, dunnock, backbird, nuthatch, greenfinch, goldfinch, great spotted woodpecker, siskin, crow, rook, sparrowhawk, pidgeon, and even the occasional pheasant!
Pix © Skip Cottage

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  1. Lovely to see Spring a sprungin' there Bob.
    No wrens in Annandale any more? We used to have plenty of the wee things, and also, on 'the bank' heron, geese, kingfisher, moorhen, the occasional duck, sandpipers, wagtails, gosh, all sorts, and I even spotted, heading from the Annan back over Nancy's Hill to Dundoran way, a young Golden Eagle. . checked in my Collins birders guide too.
    I'm lucky if I see a blackbird these days . . .