Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Just a trickle

In my time in Wamphray, I cannot remember seeing the River Annan quite as low as it is today.

Usually, I'm taking photos at the Jocksthorn Bridge when the river is high, for example, here!

This is the Wamphray Water today, looking somewhat different than it did back in 2014, here.

The Wamphray Water goes under the West Coast Main Line. There has been a lot of work carried out to ensure that the blockage that caused the bad floods in the village back in 2005 won't happen again. The photo shows that today there was no water under the old bridge, which now acts as an overflow.

The new bridge is unlikely to become blocked!

This diversion allows the river to join its previous course!

Now that I've mentioned how dry it has been, I'm sure it will all change soon. But hopefully things will not be as bad as Storm Frank brought in 2015, here.

Pics © Skip Cottage

1 comment:

  1. Hi Bob - that's alarmingly low - I remember the Annan being really low in the summer of 1977, but that was in July/August, not April/May.
    You just can't predict it these days can you!
    All the best