Saturday, June 03, 2017

Making shopping fun

I'm not an enthusiastic shopper, so when I really need to go up to the 'big city', I usually try to combine things that I enjoy more. Like a hurl on the subway!

It was great to be serenaded by The Buchanan Street Preachers. 'House of the Rising Sun', if you are wondering. Excellent, and well worth the donation.

So, a nod to Donald, then breakfast at Starbucks in the Buchanan Galleries - it had been an early start!

But what's this. A 'happening' in the mall. The phones were out.

And the professional photographer was hard at work! This is Martin Shields, see here, on an assignment for the Buchanan Galleries.

We have a pop-up fashion show, with models showing clothes from various outlets. Catwalk:BG (here) 'showcasing the hottest summer looks from your favourite fashion stores at Buchanan Galleries'.

What a lovely group!

I'm rather long in the tooth to be considering another career in fashion photography, but I could not resist the opportunity of getting the camera out. Lovely dress. Lovely model. Made me feel small, even though she was wearing flats, she was waaaaay taller than me!

I wasn't trying to make him smile, honestly!

I tried to keep out of Martin's way. Unsuccessfully here.

There was a day when I would have worn a shirt like this! From Next, so you know.

My thanks to all who didn't seem to mind this old guy with his camera following them around the mall! The highlight of my Saturday shopping day.

The difficult shop over, it was lunch in Waterstones' cafe. There is nothing better that browsing a good bookshop.

I love books, and this is where it all started, in this building at the end of Mosspark Drive. It wasn't a nursery then. It was my local library and one of the most influential places in my life. I'm back now to the late 1950s! They eventually built a new, bigger, library behind, and the old building got a new use.


Thanks to the helpful staff of the Buchanan Galleries, to the models and their 'wrangler' Mhairi, and to Fiona Best. Pix are © Skip Cottage.

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  1. Hope you're a member of Moffat Library Bob - can't even begin to tell you how many times I turned their Science Fiction section stock over!

    Looks like you had a fun Saturday.