Sunday, June 25, 2017

Moffat Classic Cars at 20

This past weekend was the twentieth anniversary of the Moffat Rally! The Saturday involves some of the cars in a scenic fun run. Here's Chairman/Rally Organiser Gordon Bisset leading the first batch of cars away from Moffat main street.

Here are a few of my favourite cars.

I always look out for cars that I've owned in the past. Top marks for this good looking Reliant Scimitar!

When I had a Sunbeam Talbot back when I was a student, I had never heard of 'classic cars'. But this was my favourite 'old banger'.

Hillmans, such as this Minx, were the family cars for many years.

All heading out of Moffat, past the Beechgrove Sports Centre, to tackle the Beef Tub.

Not only cars!

Another lovely Scimitar!

And another Sunbeam Talbot. I look out every year for my first car - a Triumph Mayflower, but I've not seen one at Moffat ... yet!

A smart Landrover, in the final batch waiting for the off.

I liked the co-driver!

My pick of the day was this American classic, a Chevrolet Corvair 95. Unusual to see, and immaculate. Loved it. Read about the model here.

The weather was good for both days of the show, and the showground packed with cars on Sunday.

Pics © Skip Cottage

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